nuBoxZ is a startup being built right here in your backyard in Warren, MI.

We provide a smart locker for people who sell or buy on facebook marketplace, Craigslist or OfferUp to drop-off and pick-up items with safety and convenience.

Safety & Convenience
nuBoxZ proto
nuBoxZ Proto

Idea, Prototype & Launch

  • Padlock Testing

    Locker with a numlock

    We took a off-the-shelf locker and put it outside a restaurant in Novi, MI. Sellers and buyers used the padlock with a numpad.

  • Prototype 0

    Electronics built with ipad as UI

    This prototype was built, painted and assembled with all relevant electronics and hardware to demonstrate the core of nuBoxZ.

  • Art & Craft Events

    Traction to potential customers

    We demoed our prototype at local arts & craft events where we received sign-ups and interest from potential sellers and buyers.

  • Skeleton

    Start of MVP

    For our customer nuBoxZ locker we started with a 6 feet metal locker skeleton.

  • The Drive

    Logistics of first locker

    The first locker was finished and transported to destination.

  • City Burger

    First Stop

    City Burger on Van Dyke Avenue, Warren, MI is nuBoxZ first home.

  • First Location

    Finished & Installed

    First location installed and launched.

The TeamzzZZ

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Ali Berjaoui

CEO, Co-founder

Ali is an electrical engineer and has experience in engineering, sales and management

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Jorge Alberto Garcia

CTO, Co-founder

Jorge is a computer engineer with experience in full stack development

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Sumeet Chhawri

COO, Co-founder

Sumeet is a commputer engineer with experience in engineering and marketing

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Joe Priskorn

Hardware Engineer

Joe is a mechanical engineer with experience in electrical and hardware